Tour video from our tour with Korpiklaani spring 2012, in six episodes.

In the first episode we recap the night before we headed out to Europe. We played at the inferno festival in Oslo, and we wanted to make the concert special so we brought along five ekstra musicians aka “the devils dangleberries”. It was great to get the amount of instruments closer to how it is on record. The tour also introduces new temporary member Nissefanten on Bass. The tour starts off with two festivals in Belgium and Netherlands. The latter had a chocolate fountain in the catering area. Can’t complain about that! This episode also contains some pro-shot live clips.

In the second episode we start the actual tour with just us and Korpiklaani. We go to France, and start off in a familiar place; Lille and continues to Paris, Toulouse and Lyon. The French audience were really energetic which was great! Even in the cities we had never been before.

In the third episode we go to Spain for the first time ever. And we finally get to go to some warm places which we had been looking forward to on this tour. We got to do some sightseeing in Barcelona, Madrid and Santiago de Compostella and had a great time. It’s like vacation with a few concerts here and there.

In the fourth episode we continue with Portugal, another new country for us. We came to Porto early in the morning and walked around by the canal. It was beautiful! Unfortunately we didn’t get to see any of Lisboa the day after, but the crowd compensated by being one of the craziest crowds we have ever had. We continue back to Spain with Sevilla and Valencia. In Valencia one of the highlights of the tour appears: The aquarium. It really was amazing, especially the shark tunnels. I could almost hear the voice of David Attenborough as a walked through it.

In the fifth episode we go back to France and then to Italy which is always great. We did some nice touristing in Firenze and tried some local delicassy after the show (cold sausage with mayo)

All good things must come to and end, and in the sixth and last episode we finish off the tour with Croatia (another “first” on the tour), Austria and Switzerland. We had a great “Circle-8-pit” in Austria, and a great evening filled with various pranks in Switzerland. The tour was simply amazing, and Korpiklaani was a wonderful band to be out on tour with.


A tour video from our trip to MetalCamp 2012

We were lucky enough to return to the wonderful MetalCamp festival in Tolmin, Slovenia in 2012 as well. And since it coincided with our album release we got to have an exclusive pre-sale of that too. In our very own pavillion down at the beach. We went down there a few days before our concert was scheduled. The first day we just hung out and enjoyed a beer and concerts, and the second day we had fun and games at our pavillion. We also did our first time ever acoustic show on the beach which was a lot of fun. Of course it started to rain a bit just as we were about to go on stage, but it didn’t seem to put a brake on the audience. Our concert was the last one of the festival, we played our new album Brumlebassen from start to finish and we had pyrotechnics for the first time ever as well. It was a lot of fun! The guy in charge of it didn’t really follow the script so things just went off here and there.It was like playing in a warzone. All in all a great trip!

The music in the order it appears in the video (Song –Album):
TrollfesT – MetalCamp song (bonus download, Brumlebassen)
Finntroll – Ett Norrskensdåd (Nifelvind)
TrollfesT – Gegalte bliven Gekvitt (En Kvest for den Hellige Gral)
TrollfesT – Finsken, Norsken og Presten (Brumlebassen)
TrollfesT – God Fart (Villanden)
TrollfesT – MetalCamp song
Korpiklaani – Vodka (Karkelo)
TrollfesT – Bøse Tivoli (Brumlebassen)
TrollfesT – Brumlebassen (Brumlebassen)
TrollfesT – MetalCamp song
TrollfesT – Inni den Grotte (Brakebein)

A tour video from our trip to Fosch Fest 2012, in Italy.

A weekend trip to Italy during summer. Can’t complain about that. We stopped in Copenhagen as usual for a five minute coffee break, and then arrived in Bagnatica. The backstage had it’s very own beer tap which we could operate ourselves, not bad! The crowd was really amazing at this festival, not only where there a lot of them, but they were singing and moshing the entire time. Making one of the biggest circle pits we have seen in a long time. We also met the people behind our Italian fan page who were so kind as to give us a little gift too. The only problem with this trip is that is was too short. This was also the first concert for “Havresekken” our session bass player.

The first episode in a hopefully long series of videos

As you know, we were very happy about releasing a vinyl edition of our album as we are many in the band who appreciate this format. So we wanted to make an extra video just to promote it. The “vin & vinyl” expression came to mind and so I thought it could be fun to make it like a music/wine presenting program. Also you get to take a closer look at how the vinyl looks. TrollBank then made the amazing jingle that you hear in the beginning. This video goes well with the tradition of making videos that are pleasant to shoot. First I spent a nice evening at Josteins place, sharing a bottle of wine. Then I had to make the intro during another evening at home. With a self written script that needed more wine and cheese, which I couldn’t leave to waste afterwards of course.

A track-by-track video for the Brumlebassen album.

We noticed that it had become popular to make these track-by-track videos so we decided to make one ourselves too. But instead of just using the album graphics I went for a more analogue variant. It’s been a while since we used that nice old yellow TV in a video anyway and it was a good way to show off the wonderful vinyl edition of the album again. The interviews were done at Josteins (“Trollmannen”) place and we just figured out the locations as we went along.

A video from the acoustic rehearsal for the special MetalCamp show.

As we were going to do our first ever acoustic show on the beach at Metalcamp we wanted to show people what it would sound like. So we made a simple one-camera take of a couple of songs at our rehearsal place. This is the song “TrollfesT” and “Brakebein”. Enjoy!

A trailer for the album “Brumlebassen” by TrollfesT

Another trailer for the “Brumlebassen” album, with some sneak previews of new songs.
The songs are:
Bøse Tivoli

A tour video from our trip to Extremefest 2012, Part 3 of 3

Last episode of the tour videos from our trip to Extremefest, this time we go to St. Pölten in Austria. Some of our members had become sick during the night due to some sort of virus that had spread on the bus, so we all took it a bit easy this day. But we got another round of signing body parts, and plenty of time to relax in the sun with a beer. So a good day nevertheless. The video also contains a drum-cam for a change, and you get a sneak preview of the amazing color vinyl edition of Brumlebassen.

The music in the order it appears in the video (Song –Album):
Wo bin ich jetzt aufgewacht – Villanden
Die Verdammte Hungersnot – En Kvest for den Hellige Gral
Karve – En Kvest for den Hellige Gral
Illsint – Brumlebassen

A music video to the song TrinkenTroll by TrollfesT from the album Brumlebassen.

I teamed up with Oddbjørn Hofseth again on this video. We wanted to have a video that wasn’t a band-performance video for a change, without making too much of a “short story” out of it. So the idea of us hanging out at a pub came up. Shouldn’t be too hard of a role to act in for us we thought, I guess it became more difficult to not get too carried away in the roles as drunkards. The pub “Unholy” in Oslo and bartender Kai was kind enough to let us use their place as a location, and then we just invited friends and fans to be barguests. The budget for the video was 0,- as we didn’t have to rent any equipment, but if you take the money spent on beer into consideration, this might have been the most expensive music video for us so far after all.

A tour video from our trip to Extremefest 2012, Part 2 of 3

In the second episode of the tour video from Extremefest 2012 we go to Switzerland. Pratteln to be exact. We have played here a few times before and it’s always great to be there so this was no exception. We played insanely early, before breakfast even, but at least we got to spend more time with the magic fridge afterwards. And we got to play the whole set compared to the evening before.

The music in the order it appears in the video (Song –Album):
Der Jegermeister – Villanden
Die Berüchtiges bande – En Kvest for den Hellige Gral
TrinkenTroll – Brumlebassen