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A “Making of” video for the song “Illsint” from the “Brumlebassen” album.

We landed on “Illsint” as the song we wanted to present to the public as the first new song from the “Brumlebassen” album. We we’re going to release it as a lyric video, so we thought why not upload the segment about that song from the “Making of” as well. So this video is simply cut out of the full 37 minute “Making of” that goes through the album track-by-track and is available in the download package of “Brumlebassen”. We wanted to have interviews on the “Making of” this time to make it a bit more informational and different then the first two making of’s. The album was recorded in “Strand Studio” which is the same place we recorded “En Kvest for den Hellige Gral” The rattle instruments was recorded at home like usual.


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Part 2 of the studio report from the recording of our new album.

The first video covered the instruments that were recorded in the studio. This one shows how the rattle instruments were recorded, at home the old fashioned way. Beer, bouzoukis, saxophone solos, and probably the coolest instrument in the world; the Mellotron. There’s also some live footage from our concert at the “Rock In” pub in Oslo too.
This video is also the first to feature the brand new lighting kit that I decided to invest in. Ah yes, the videos are getting more professional each time (of course, professional in Manskow productions terms means cheap Chinese knock-offs found on ebay)

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A studio report from the recording of the new TrollfesT album (En Kvest for den hellige gral)

So, once again we went in to the studio to record a new album, and tradition true, I took my camera along to document the event. We were so eager to show you all how the recording is going and what it sounds like that we decided to have a couple of studio reports during the process too this time instead of just waiting for the “making of” when the album is finished. We kicked it up a notch this time and went into a proper studio so it was only fitting that I kicked the video up a notch too with my brand new Sony PD-170 camera. Same shit new wrapping if you will. The previous “making of” had a lot of focus on drinking rather than being informal, so we did it the other way around on this one and did the first ever actual video-interview with the band (we’re still drinking though don’t get me wrong).
This video also introduces the TrollfesT TV” concept, which will be even more present in the future. It was a good excuse to use the cool yellow retro TV that I bought at a flee market too. It was so old that I had to buy a special convertion box to be able to plug the video signal into the TV. Could I have done something similar with fancy digital effects? Of course, but it wouldn’t be as much fun as the old fashioned way, and it wouldn’t look that good either in my opinion.

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A ”making of” documentary from the recording of the album ”Villanden”

Once again, I found myself filming endless hours of recording and drinking with TrollfesT in the second installment of the TrollfesT “Making of” series. We had a lot of fun during this process, and hopefully you’ll have fun watching it too.
This video can be found on the “Uraltes Elemente” EP as an enhanced cd together with a couple of live clips.

-The take when Mr. Seidel is playing guitar and falls of his chair did actually make it on the Album. If you listen closely you’ll hear it.

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This is a ”making of” documentary of the recording of the TrollfesT album ”Brakebein” from 2006

It was 2005, I had just started to dabble with filming and editing and I needed a project. I was living in a shared flat with John Espen, Eirik and Martin from TrollfesT at the time, so when they were about to start recording their new album it seemed like the perfect project.  First of all because I had been listening to the pre production demo for a while and it kicked serious ass, but also because I was going to hang out and drink beer with them during the recording anyway so I might as well contribute with something useful. And so the tradition of filming the life of Trollfest was born. Little did I know that I would later join the band fulltime as the accordion player.

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