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Second episode in the “Symbolic Ink” series. In this episode Jostein “Trollmannen” Austvik gets some familiar trolls on his arm.

A welcome return to the nice and friendly tattoo-shop “Symbolic Ink” in Oslo. In this video reportage we follow Trollmannen as he gets his very first tattoo, gives a few tips on beer types, and Bjørn and Sally has a nice surprise in store for the unsuspecting trolls. The tattoo is once again based on the drawings of Jonas Darnell and tattooed by Bjørn. Bjørn also gets to show his hidden talent as an awesome board game maker as he introduce the infamous “Drinking game from hell!”
As always it’s a lot of fun to hang out at Symbolic Ink, it has a great atmosphere and nice people (not to mention very talented). If you are in Oslo and you want to get a tattoo this is definitely a place to go. Check out http://www.symbolicink.no for more info.
-Also I got to use the word “Flabbergasted” again in the subtitles which always makes me happy.

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A Studio Report from the recording of the new TrollfesT album “Brumlebassen”

A short video to show how the progress of the recording of the “Brumlebassen” album was going. It was made after the main instruments were finished recording in “Strand Studio”, and we had just begun recording all the extra instruments in Trollbanks home studio. It was a lot of hard work but it was also a lot of fun as you can see when we were recording the vocals.

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A video reportage from the Mexican division of TrollfesT TV about the album “En Kvest for den Hellige Gral”

Mexican reporter Miguel visits TrollfesT in Oslo at a Barbeque party to talk about the upcoming album “En Kvest for den Hellige Gral”. Includes interview with the band, a sneak preview of one of the songs on the new album, and a pinata.

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A video reportage from the Romanian division of TrollfesT TV about the album “En Kvest for den Hellige Gral”

Romanian reporter Andrea Chirulescu follows TrollfesT during a day in Oslo as the release of “En Kvest for den Hellige Gral” is getting close. Includes interview with the band, live clips and a sneak preview of one of the songs on the album.

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A video reportage from Mr. Seidel’s trip to the tattoo shop Symbolic Ink in Oslo to get some of our beloved trolls on his arm.

Mr. Seidel had been talking to Bjørn at Symbolic Ink tattoo about taking a TrollfesT-tattoo for a while, so when the day arrived we thought; why not make a TrollfesT TV episode about it? So we did. I tried to loure out of him what kind of death or tragedy the tattoo represented, to get the right “Miami Ink” feeling to the video, but he stood blankly. Apparently it’s possible to have a tattoo without it symbolizing a childhood trauma. How about that. Anyway, the tattoo was based on the album cover for “En Kvest for den Hellige Gral” by Jonas Darnell. A great Swedish cartoonist (Herman the heathen) who we’ve been lucky enough to cooperate with for our last two albums.

It was really nice to hang out at Symbolic Ink for a couple of days, the people who work there (Bjørn Holter, Sally-Ann “Lady luck” Eilertsen, and Eric) are great people, and the atmosphere is very nice and friendly. Not to mention that they are very talented people too. So if you find yourself in Oslo and you want to get a tattoo, this place is highly recommended. Check out http://www.symbolicink.no for more info.

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A video reportage of the rigging of the Øya festival 2010 (Norwegian, no subtitles)

We took a little trip around the festival area on the day before the festival to see how it was going with the preperations. The whole video was shot, edited and uploaded within a few hours

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Camp Indie 2010

A video reportage from the Øya festival kick-off, Camp Indie, at “Rockefeller” in Oslo may 16th 2010 (In Norwegian, no subtitles)

One day when I was walking around and browsing for dvds at “Platekompaniet” where a friend of mine works, he said: “you dabble a little with video making don’t you?” “yeah” I said. “Well we kinda need someone like that” he said. He (Andreas Milde) and his brother Petter writes for a Norwegian music web-zine called “Furore I Harare” who has been writing and interviewing artists for the Øya festival in Oslo. But this year they wanted videos as well. And so, I left the store with a little job in addition to a copy of “Megane” and “the milk of sorrow” (great films!). The first video we made together was this one from the Camp Indie night at “Rockefeller” which turned out pretty good I think. Featuring music from Oslo Ess, Vom, Lucy Swann and Mhoo among others.

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Part 2 of the studio report from the recording of our new album.

The first video covered the instruments that were recorded in the studio. This one shows how the rattle instruments were recorded, at home the old fashioned way. Beer, bouzoukis, saxophone solos, and probably the coolest instrument in the world; the Mellotron. There’s also some live footage from our concert at the “Rock In” pub in Oslo too.
This video is also the first to feature the brand new lighting kit that I decided to invest in. Ah yes, the videos are getting more professional each time (of course, professional in Manskow productions terms means cheap Chinese knock-offs found on ebay)

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A studio report from the recording of the new TrollfesT album (En Kvest for den hellige gral)

So, once again we went in to the studio to record a new album, and tradition true, I took my camera along to document the event. We were so eager to show you all how the recording is going and what it sounds like that we decided to have a couple of studio reports during the process too this time instead of just waiting for the “making of” when the album is finished. We kicked it up a notch this time and went into a proper studio so it was only fitting that I kicked the video up a notch too with my brand new Sony PD-170 camera. Same shit new wrapping if you will. The previous “making of” had a lot of focus on drinking rather than being informal, so we did it the other way around on this one and did the first ever actual video-interview with the band (we’re still drinking though don’t get me wrong).
This video also introduces the TrollfesT TV” concept, which will be even more present in the future. It was a good excuse to use the cool yellow retro TV that I bought at a flee market too. It was so old that I had to buy a special convertion box to be able to plug the video signal into the TV. Could I have done something similar with fancy digital effects? Of course, but it wouldn’t be as much fun as the old fashioned way, and it wouldn’t look that good either in my opinion.

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