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A trailer for the video content on the new “Brumlebassen” album

When we set out on the Heidenfest tour last fall I wanted to make one long tour video rather than many short webisodes. And then have it as a bonus with the album instead, together with the making of the album. I was a bit worried how to pull off a whole hour-long tour video without it becoming too repetitive from day to day, but to still maintain some sort of continuity. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, and the length came quite natural without having to cut out or force in anything. Thanks to a few helpful fans who shared their video footage from our concerts with me, it was possible to add some handheld live footage as well.

The “making of” video also became quite long this time, so it totaled at 100 minutes of video for the bonus videos for the album. Unfortunately we couldn’t have it as a dvd so it became a download package instead. But then we could fill it up with bonus tracks, wall papers, English lyric translation as well, making it quite a nice package.

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