A trailer for the TrollfesT appearance at MetalCamp 2012

The trailer is made from the footage from last year’s trip to MetalCamp. Some of it filmed on my beloved super 8 camera. The “MetalCamp song” is the song “Rundt Bålet” from the album “Brumlebassen” with different lyrics. This alternative version of the song is available in the download package that comes with the album.

A tour video from our trip to Extremefest 2012, Part 1 of 3

In the first episode of the tour video from Extremefest 2012 we go to Germany. As always we had a lot of fun on this trip, however we got off on a really bad start this time. The flight was delayed, and then there was a traffic jam, so our bus rolled in at the festival area the exact minute we were supposed to go on stage. We ran up and rigged our equipment, but we only got to play for 12-15 minutes. It was a lot better than not playing at all of course, but it was still the shortest concert we have ever played. At least we got to premiere the new song “Illsint” which was a lot of fun. After we got off stage we were greeted with the big beer mugs, and the vinyl edition of “Brumlebassen” at the NoiseArt tent so the sulking from not getting there on time was short-lived.

The music in the order it appears in the video (Song –Album):
Karve – En Kvest for den Hellige Gral
Die Verdammte Hungersnot (live) – En Kvest for den Hellige Gral
En ny erfaring – Villanden
Karve – En Kvest for den Hellige Gral
Illsint – Brumlebassen

A Lyric video for the song “Illsint” by Trollfest, from the album “Brumlebassen”.

The video is made up of the artwork for the album. The drawings are again made by the awesome artist Jonas Darnell (creator of the Swedish cartoon “Herman Hedning”) and the album layout is created by “The Terje” as always. The promo photos are taken by Vegard Haave.
This is the first song that was put out from the “Brumlebassen” album and it’s about the time “Grublegjøken” went out for a walk in the forest. He heard a lot of humming and assumed it was a great big beehive, but it turned out to be a furious wasp pumped up on steroids.

A “Making of” video for the song “Illsint” from the “Brumlebassen” album.

We landed on “Illsint” as the song we wanted to present to the public as the first new song from the “Brumlebassen” album. We we’re going to release it as a lyric video, so we thought why not upload the segment about that song from the “Making of” as well. So this video is simply cut out of the full 37 minute “Making of” that goes through the album track-by-track and is available in the download package of “Brumlebassen”. We wanted to have interviews on the “Making of” this time to make it a bit more informational and different then the first two making of’s. The album was recorded in “Strand Studio” which is the same place we recorded “En Kvest for den Hellige Gral” The rattle instruments was recorded at home like usual.

A trailer for our show at the Extremefest festival.

Our good friends at Rock the nation, who runs the Extremefest festival, asked if we could make a little trailer for our upcoming show at Extremefest. Since we were so satisfied with our amazing and casual “improvisation” in the previous festival trailer we decided to continue in that pattern. The footage in the beginning is from our appearance at Metalfest last year.

A trailer for the video content on the new “Brumlebassen” album

When we set out on the Heidenfest tour last fall I wanted to make one long tour video rather than many short webisodes. And then have it as a bonus with the album instead, together with the making of the album. I was a bit worried how to pull off a whole hour-long tour video without it becoming too repetitive from day to day, but to still maintain some sort of continuity. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, and the length came quite natural without having to cut out or force in anything. Thanks to a few helpful fans who shared their video footage from our concerts with me, it was possible to add some handheld live footage as well.

The “making of” video also became quite long this time, so it totaled at 100 minutes of video for the bonus videos for the album. Unfortunately we couldn’t have it as a dvd so it became a download package instead. But then we could fill it up with bonus tracks, wall papers, English lyric translation as well, making it quite a nice package.

A trailer for the Trollfest concerts during the summer 2012.

We wanted to promote our upcoming festival concerts during the summer of 2012 so we made a little video presentation. We decided to make it as a festival guide that by “pure coincidence” just happened to recommend the festivals we were playing. It was all improvised on the spot of course, and was in no way scripted and rehearsed up front.

Norwegian viewers who grew up with “Åpen post” might get association to: “Disse gamle, disse gamle, og disse gamle!”

A teaser for the new TrollfesT album “Brumlebassen”

The first teaser in the series of promotion videos leading up to the release of “Brumlebassen”
While we were recording “Brumlebassen”, Per Spelemann made a wonderful acoustic guitar recording where he played around the themes of a couple of songs from the album. We couldn’t find any space for it on the album, but we really wanted to present it to the public, so the idea of making a teaser for the album using this song came up. We wanted it to be idyllic with us just enjoying ourselves out in the forest barbequing and having a beer. Now the good thing about an idea like that is that the easiest way to produce the footage of us enjoying ourselves with beer and bbq is quite simply to do just that. And so we spent a great evening outside enjoying ourselves and filmed a little every now and then. From now on I think all my video ideas should contain simple ideas about us just doing something enjoyable. Makes the filming so much easier.

Fun fact: the tuning Per Spelemann used on his guitar on this piece of music is called “Troll tuning”

A birthday greeting from TrollfesT to Manon.

We got a mail from someone who’s girlfriend was a big fan of us, and he wanted to surprise her with concert tickets to one of our shows on her birthday. He asked if we could make a video as part of the surprise and we agreed. However when we sat down at the rehearsal place to read the text to the camera we got a little creative and made a twist to it. I think it turned out quite nice.

Second episode in the “Symbolic Ink” series. In this episode Jostein “Trollmannen” Austvik gets some familiar trolls on his arm.

A welcome return to the nice and friendly tattoo-shop “Symbolic Ink” in Oslo. In this video reportage we follow Trollmannen as he gets his very first tattoo, gives a few tips on beer types, and Bjørn and Sally has a nice surprise in store for the unsuspecting trolls. The tattoo is once again based on the drawings of Jonas Darnell and tattooed by Bjørn. Bjørn also gets to show his hidden talent as an awesome board game maker as he introduce the infamous “Drinking game from hell!”
As always it’s a lot of fun to hang out at Symbolic Ink, it has a great atmosphere and nice people (not to mention very talented). If you are in Oslo and you want to get a tattoo this is definitely a place to go. Check out http://www.symbolicink.no for more info.
-Also I got to use the word “Flabbergasted” again in the subtitles which always makes me happy.