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An interview with Marina & the diamonds for the Øya festival.

Last interview from the øyafestival. This time we were lucky enough to have a chat with the Greek godess Marina.
I liked the way her lipstick matched the flowers on the table so I wanted to get a shot with them in the foreground. I crouched down, got the angle, gently switched the focus switch over to manual, perfect! Then I realized that I was stuck in the worst position ever. My leg started to cramp, my arms were stretched out, struggling with the weight of the camera, and my ass was struttin’ out like a cheap prostitute. Great! Sweating like a pig, making retarded face expressions because of the pain, yeah talk about impressing the pretty interviewee by looking cool. After a little while I resigned and stood up again (guess what, I’m not a robot) but at least it turned out to be the nicest of the interviews visually.

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An interview with Lars Vaular for the Øya festival.

Fifth interview from the Øya festival. This time Mark from Furore i Harare had a chat with Lars Vaular

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An interview with surfer blood for the Øya festival

fourth interview from the Øya festival, this time Mark had a chat with Surfer Blood.

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An interview with the local natives for the Øya festival.

Third interview from the Øya festival

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An Interview with Girls for the Øya festival 2010

Second video Interview from the Øya festival, this time with the band Girls.

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An Interview with the band Gaslight Anthem at the Øyafestival.

As mentioned earlier, Furore I Harare got the job of interviewing artists at the Øya festival and they wanted it on video this time, so I was asked to do the filming and editing. We did six interviews during the festival and the first out is The Gaslight Anthem.

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A video reportage of the rigging of the Øya festival 2010 (Norwegian, no subtitles)

We took a little trip around the festival area on the day before the festival to see how it was going with the preperations. The whole video was shot, edited and uploaded within a few hours

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Camp Indie 2010

A video reportage from the Øya festival kick-off, Camp Indie, at “Rockefeller” in Oslo may 16th 2010 (In Norwegian, no subtitles)

One day when I was walking around and browsing for dvds at “Platekompaniet” where a friend of mine works, he said: “you dabble a little with video making don’t you?” “yeah” I said. “Well we kinda need someone like that” he said. He (Andreas Milde) and his brother Petter writes for a Norwegian music web-zine called “Furore I Harare” who has been writing and interviewing artists for the Øya festival in Oslo. But this year they wanted videos as well. And so, I left the store with a little job in addition to a copy of “Megane” and “the milk of sorrow” (great films!). The first video we made together was this one from the Camp Indie night at “Rockefeller” which turned out pretty good I think. Featuring music from Oslo Ess, Vom, Lucy Swann and Mhoo among others.

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