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A tour diary from the “Ich liebe Tour (Tour über alles) Tour 2010” in Germany, December 2010 with TrollfesT, Pantheon I and Finsterforst.

First of all, a big thanks to our friends Finsterforst who arranged the tour and did all the hard work and heavy lifting throughout the tour.
Besides the obvious bad start with a cancelled flight, forcing us to cancel our show in Bonn, we really had a great time on this tour (Of course you can’t blame the airports, who would have thought that it would actually snow in December!! And as close to the equator as Frankfurt?!) Anyway, the tour was a lot of fun, the crowd was great, and it was cool to tour together with our friends in Pantheon I, whom we share guitarist Mr. Seidel (Sagstad). He complained at first that he had to work twice as hard as everyone else, but we said he could have twice as many beers in return and then he was happy. And with Pantheon I there, I was also able to get some help to film the concerts and not just put it on a tripod as usual, thanks to Shandy and Birger who did an excellent job filming the TrollfesT concerts. Since there was so much nice live footage of the bands I decided to include plenty of it and make the video a bit longer than the usual five minute clip, so take a new beer out of the fridge, put your feet up and enjoy!

If you should discover a song you like and realize that there’s a hole in your record collection, here’s the track list for the songs appearing in the video, both live and background music.

TrollfesT – Trollkamp (willkommen folk tell drekka fest)
TrollfesT – Legendarisk ØL (Brakebein)
Pantheon I – Myself above all (Worlds I create)
TrollfesT – Brakebein (Brakebein)
TrollfesT – Die Kirche und der Mache (Villanden)
Pantheon I – Burn the Cross (Worlds I create)
TrollfesT – Uraltes Elemente (Villanden)
TrollfesT – Skogsfest (Promo 2004)
TrollfesT – Uraltes Elemente (Villanden)
Pantheon I – Serpent Christ (Worlds I create)
TrollfesT – Villanden (Villanden)
Dr. Alban – It’s my life (The very best of 1990-1997)
Finsterforst – Lauf der Welt (Weltenkraft/Urwerk)
Pantheon I – Ascending (Worlds I create)
TrollfesT – Die Verdammte Hungersnot (En Kvest for den Hellige Gral)
Finsterforst – Försterhochzeit (Urwerk)
Pantheon I – Burn the Cross (Worlds I create)
TrollfesT – Der Jegermeister (Villanden)

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