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So, I decided it was about time to go out and get myself my very own copy of the Final cut studio package. I hadn’t updatet my imac in almost three years so I did a compatibility check and found out that I needed to upgrade from my OS 10.4 to 10.5. “that’s pretty close” I thought “it’s probably just a little download and I’m all set” Of course it wasn’t. Apparently I needed to buy the “leopard” system. Fine, I thought . The snow leopard upgrade was only 30 Euros anyway so I went to the apple house to get it all. I asked the clerk, just to be sure, that it would work on my Tiger system. “eh no, the snow leopard is not leopard” he said. “the snow leopard is not a leopard?” What the hell are you talking about?” “no you need this mac box set, it’s only 200 euros”. 200 Euros! “can’t I just buy the leopard OS instead? “hehe no, I’m afraid that’s obsolete” he said with a get-with-the-program-smirk. “but the box set comes with ilife and iwork” he said. “I don’t want life and work, I want to edit video!” I didn’t have a choice of course, so I got the package.

I went home installed it all and everything went smoothly. “maybe this iwork thing can be useful after all” I thought, sipped my coffee, and was in a generally good mood again. Then it hit me. Pro tools! I had forgotten all about it, obviously it had to be updated too, so I went to the webpage to see how I could get it done. The last time I did it, I went from version 6 to 7, costing me 60 Euros, so I figured that was the worst case scenario. Man was I wrong! Not only was version 7 too old, but the M-box was too old too. How is that even possible? It’s a physical sound interface! But noooo, the original M-box is just so 2004, no way it can keep up with the trendy moves of the snow leopard (and just to rub it in, it’s compatible with the leopard that’s no longer available) so I had to get a new M-box too (another 300 Euros extra, thank you very much). It looks nicer and is smaller and all that, but it has fewer inputs AND it now makes a horrible high-pitched sinus tone from one of the speakers! What the f***!? Now I have to buy a new cable too? Jeezes!

So.. the moral of the story is: Update regularly, and for god’s sake Steve, take a long vacation and take your whole damn development team with you.

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