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Ingeborg Selnes performing the song “It’s Ok”

In the fourth and last video of the Heartcore sessions series, we went on a boat trip and did a cheesy “Postgirobygget” version of the song. This was one of those days when being a video maker is pretty nice. Cruising around in a beautiful wooden boat enjoying the sun and a cold beer. It’s summer and it’s Ok.

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Ingeborg Selnes performing the song “Give Me”

This time we went to their rehearsal room in Nydalen with the full line up of Ingeborg Selnes band. Andreas Milde, Martin Nordby, Are Volmert Sørensen and Ingeborg Selnes.

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Ingeborg Selnes performing the song “Kill the Night”

We arrived safely from the roof in the previous video to the balcony where we shot this video. I wouldn’t say I have a fear of heights, but definitely a dislike. Especially when you’re moving around looking through the viewfinder of the camera rather than looking at your feet.
The drum beat is played through the stereo in the living room and everything is captured with just the one microphone on the mounted camera. Once again it’s with Are Volmert Sørensen on percussion/magazine reading.

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Ingeborg Selnes performing an alternative version of the song “Hurricane”

My friends in Ingeborg Selnes band had the idea of filming a stripped down alternative version of one of her songs from the new, and at the time, upcoming album on the roof of their apartment. It turned into a small series of 4 videos in different locations and with different instrumentation. This first one is the song “Hurricane” on the roof in Gamlebyen with Are Volmert Sørensen doing the percussion in the background.
Her new album is out now, and you can listen to more of her music here.

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