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Metal Militia performing the songs ”Hit the lights”, ”Creeping death” and ”Battery” in Fredrikstad, Norway.

Once again the greatest greatest-band-in-the-world tribute band in the world asked me to tag along and film their concert. And what better way to spend a weekend than with beer, Metallica songs and good friends. They even paid me with a bottle of whiskey! And not a bottle of blended crap either, but a nice single malt. I guess their taste in whiskey is just as good as their taste in Metallica songs!

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The Norwegian Metallica tribute band “Metal Militia” performing the songs “Disposable Heroes”, “Master of Puppets” and “Whiplash” at the pub Rock In.

As a video maker interested in music, the coolest thing would of course be to film the greatest band in the world. I guess that will never happen, so I decided to film the greatest greatest-band-in-the-world tribute band in the world instead. And that’s not too bad either. Specializing in the songs up to the black album, and with a great attention to details, Metal militia will get the party started like a free bar. They even do a full two hour live set! If you live in Norway you should befriend them on facebook so you’ll know when they’re coming to your home town to tear you a new one.
Featuring members from TrollfesT, Dead Trooper, Pantheon I, Sarkom and Koldbrann (All of whom also kicks serious ass of course)

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The Norwegian Metallica tribute band Metal Militia playing the song “Metal Militia” at their rehearsal place

When my friends in Metal Militia asked me to film them at their rehearsal place, playing some good old Metallica, I thought it was a good opportunity to finally try out my old VHS camera. I’ve had it lying around for years but never found a fitting project to use it on.

Naturally, it captures the look of that time perfectly, but goddamn what an impractical piece of crap that camera is! The VHS format is just as stable as a bucket of liquid nitroglycerin. When I digitalized it, it suddenly went blank and I had to rewind it back and forth a million times, slamming my fist on the vhs player in a mix of panic and anger, before the picture came back into place. Now, for all you youngsters out there reading this; VHS was this thing we watched videos on before the DVD came (last year when I was at a flea market, this little kid pointed at a stack of VHS-cassettes and asked his mom “Is that what they call video?” Man did I feel old. I guess holding a disposable cardboard cup of coffee in one hand and a piece of cake in the other doesn’t help.) And as Morten said “imagine smuggling that into a concert in the 80s”. Ironically, in 1986 when the camera came out it was the smallest and lightest VHS-C camcorder on the market. If I’m not mistaken, it’s the very same camera that is used to film Sarah Connor at the hospital in Terminator 2. (Nerd! Red.anm)
Anyways… Metal Militia Kicks serious ass and you should check them out if you have the chance.

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