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Sarkom – Inferior Bleeding

This is a music video to the song “Inferior Bleeding” by Sarkom, taken from the album Bestial Supremacy.

I did this one together with my friend Oddbjørn Hofseth who helped me out with the photography and lighting. We borrowed a professional DV camera, rented lights, and got Martin Storm-Olsen to come a long as our production assistant, so compared to my previous videos it had pretty high production value (although I guess one hundred Euros is still categorized as low budget). Sarkom came up with the idea for the video after Erik had been at an old war bunker in Mysen, and luckily the people who worked there were nice enough to let us use it after hours. Of course we conveniently forgot to mention that we were going to set fire to two huge inverted crosses, which actually turned out to be a hell of a lot harder than you would think. First we smeared them in with flammable liquid, but that only gave them a hardly visible flame on the surface. Then we mixed it with coal, but that was just as pathetic. After a while, someone got the idea of just splashing the liquid onto the small flames, creating a huge fireball. Finally! So we filmed the last shot with martin standing just outside the frame spraying the fluid continuously until we ran out and the room was completely filled with smoke.

Low budget catering

-The “destroyed tape” effect on the video was created with a good old VHS-player

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