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A music video to the song ”Karve” by TrollfesT

I had wanted to make a music video shot entirely on super 8 for a long time, so when we decided on “Karve” and a summerly backyard-concert theme to the video, I thought it was time to finally try it out. So we invited friends and fans to a barbeque-party and crossed our fingers that the weather would be nice. Fortunately it was, so we filmed a little, drank some beers, ate a few hot dogs, filmed some more, drank some more, and generally had a good time. Thanks to everyone who showed up and participated in the video!
As it was difficult to film and be in front of the camera simultaneously, Andrea Chirulescu helped out and did some of the filming for me.

Canon 814 Electronic
Super 8 films

The song is taken from the album “En kvest for den hellige gral” out on Noiseart Records

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A tour diary from our trip to Metalcamp in Slovenia, 2011

Ah what a wonderful trip this was! We played on Thursday, but since we heard rumors that it was such a nice festival with a beach area, we booked the hotel for the whole weekend and had a little vacation. Hanging out at the beach, visiting the camping area to freeload drinks and watching lots of great bands. I wish we could play there every year!
The Intro and the montage in the middle is filmed on my beloved Super 8 camera

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A tour diary from our trip to Bern, Switzerland

This video is more like a travelogue than a tour diary, but then again, our trip was pretty much like a nice long-weekend vacation with a little concert tucked into it. The promoters and their friends were really nice to us during our stay and showed us around town. We went on sightseeing, museums, tried various Swiss cuisine and, of course, tasted Swiss beer by the barrels. The concert went really well too. We had a great time and I hope the people who came to the show and the people we hung out with enjoyed themselves as much as we did.

-The intro and outro is shot on my beloved Canon 814 Electronic super 8 camera. The sound the camera makes as you push the trigger is truly one of the most wonderful sounds in the world.

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