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A music video to the song “True Heroes of Steel” By Powersword. Taken from the demo “Tale of the powersword” from 2005

When powersword put out their demo “Tale of the Powersword” featuring the songs “Pride and Glory”, “Metal Warrior” and “True Heroes of Steel” in 2005 it became an instant party favorite. At least in my circuits. And it was during one of these parties the idea of making an 80’s inspired music video to the song was born. A week later we were out shopping for tights, and the rest is power metal history.

No fake mustaches was used in this video

Sir Rentoncelot – Vocals
Johnny Go-Go – Guitar
Andy Dandy – Guitar
Mighty Thor Gonzales – Synth
Goldie Locks – Bass
Glam Hammer – Drums
Guest starring as the Janitor: Manskow Senior
Lights: Live Julianne Kostøl

If you want to hear more of Powersword, Sir Rentoncelot has been kind enough to put out the entire new album on Myspace. http://www.myspace.com/powersword

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